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A Professional Association for

Psychedelic Practitioners is


Time to Get Involved!


Why a professional association?

Professional associations are fairly common institutions across a multitude of industries, fields, and professions. Within therapy and medical fields, they often serve to:

  • Legitimize the field via Standards of Care through evaluation of evidence and/or a consensus of experts

  • Create a community of practitioners and students

  • Provide professional and community education

  • Advocate for healthcare policy and legal positions 

  • Hold Annual Meetings

  • Publish White Papers

As this work becomes legally sanctioned and as practitioners become certified, the establishment of a professional association will further ensure practitioner-led governance of this emerging field.​


Who are The Midwives?

We are a group of clinicians including therapists, nurses, and doctors from multiple lineages and professional backgrounds who have been referring to our group as the midwives because we are acutely aware that this is not our baby. And yet, we feel called from a shared recognition that a professional association needs to exist, with a shared willingness to do the work to bring it into existence with care, integrity, and broad representation. 


What are we doing?

In short, we are laying the groundwork for a national association of psychedelic practitioners. This does not mean doing the work of an association as described above. Laying the groundwork means engaging stakeholders and building consensus around the process by which a representative board will be nominated and elected.


This is no small task given the founding board members will then go on to do the work of building our community of professionals, setting standards or care, and advocating for policy positions.


What's Next?

We launched our stakeholder engagement campaign September 10th, 2020 and are planning our next outreach event soon. 

If you have questions, want to stay informed, or want to get involved, please email us at

Or send us a message below:

Thanks for submitting!

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